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West Michigan Conference Archives

Albion College is also home to the Archives of the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church, maintained as a separate and discrete archival repository. Listed below are the archival and manuscript collections held in the WMC Archives. This list is of physical collections only. If you are looking for a specific book in the Rare Book Collection, please check the library catalog.

If you have any questions, please contact the archivist for assistance.

M.ARC.0001 Annual Conferences materials
M.ARC.0002 Annual Conferences WMAC audiovisual collection
M.ARC.0003 Annual Conferences audiovisual collection
M.ARC.0004 Annual Conference registers
M.ARC.0005 Conference reports
M.ARC.0006 Albion District records
M.ARC.0007 Big Rapids District records
M.ARC.0008 Big Springs District records
M.ARC.0009 Coldwater District records
M.ARC.0010 Grand Traverse District records
M.ARC.0011 Ionia District records
M.ARC.0012 Jackson District records
M.ARC.0013 Kalamazoo District records
M.ARC.0014 Grand Rapids District records
M.ARC.0015 Lansing District annual district reports
M.ARC.0016 Manistee District letters/reports to the bishop
M.ARC.0017 Central District records
M.ARC.0018 Marshall District annual reports
M.ARC.0019 Niles District records
M.ARC.0020 Pentwater District annual records
M.ARC.0021 Commission on Archives and History (COAH)
M.ARC.0022 Albion 1st ME Church records
M.ARC.0023 Alganzee Church
M.ARC.0024 Bainbridge Newhope Church records
M.ARC.0025 Bendon and Inland Church
M.ARC.0026 Berrian Springs (UB) Church records
M.ARC.0027 Bethel EUB records
M.ARC.0028 Burlington Church records
M.ARC.0029 Burr Oak Church
M.ARC.0030 Cambria Church
M.ARC.0031 Carson City Church
M.ARC.0032 Colfax Church
M.ARC.0033 Cooper and Spring Brook Church records
M.ARC.0034 Cooper Street Church, Jackson, MI
M.ARC.0035 Chippawa Lake Church
M.ARC.0036 Copemish Church
M.ARC.0037 Duplain Church records
M.ARC.0038 Edwards Corners Church records
M.ARC.0039 Elsie Church records
M.ARC.0040 Epworth Methodist Church records
M.ARC.0041 Flowerfield Church records
M.ARC.0042 Fulton Church records
M.ARC.0043 Galesburg Church records
M.ARC.0044 Ganges Church records
M.ARC.0045 Harrietta Church records
M.ARC.0046 Hersey Church records
M.ARC.0047 Homer Church records
M.ARC.0048 Inland Church records
M.ARC.0049 Irvington Church
M.ARC.0050 Jennings Church
M.ARC.0051 Lake City Church records
M.ARC.0052 Lake Odessa EUB Church records
M.ARC.0053 Lakewood and Woodland Church records
M.ARC.0054 Lane Boulevard Church records
M.ARC.0055 Leroy Circuit records
M.ARC.0056 Lickley’s Corners Church records
M.ARC.0057 Litchfield Church records
M.ARC.0058 Maple Methodist Church records
M.ARC.0059 Battle Creek Maple Street Church records
M.ARC.0060 Mapleton Circuit Church records
M.ARC.0061 Lyon Lake ME Church
M.ARC.0062 Mattawan Church
M.ARC.0063 Mesick Church records
M.ARC.0064 Millbrook United Methodist Church
M.ARC.0065 Mount Pleasant Community Church records
M.ARC.0066 Munith Charge ME Church
M.ARC.0067 Newark Church records
M.ARC.0068 Newberg Church records
M.ARC.0069 North Wayne Church records
M.ARC.0070 Nottawa Prairie Church records
M.ARC.0071 Oakfield Church records
M.ARC.0072 Olivet Church
M.ARC.0073 Parma Church records
M.ARC.0074 Pewamo Church records
M.ARC.0075 Pipestone Church records
M.ARC.0076 Richland Church records
M.ARC.0077 Newayo Church records
M.ARC.0078 Potter Park Church records
M.ARC.0079 Rougemere Church records
M.ARC.0080 Sherman Church records
M.ARC.0081 Sherwood Church records
M.ARC.0082 Spring Brook Church records
M.ARC.0083 West Casco Church records
M.ARC.0084 Wheeler Church records
M.ARC.0085 White Swan Community Church records
M.ARC.0086 Yuma Church records
M.ARC.0087 East Caladonia Church records
M.ARC.0088 Griggs Church records
M.ARC.0089 Mendon Church records
M.ARC.0090 Griffith UM Church records
M.ARC.0091 Ashley UM Church records
M.ARC.0092 Market Street Church records
M.ARC.0093 Crystal Springs Camp Ground records
M.ARC.0094 WWCS Albright LM Camps
M.ARC.0095 Collection related to Albion College
M.ARC.0096 Methodist Community House records
M.ARC.0097 Aldrich Deaconess Home records
M.ARC.0098 Sunday School Society
M.ARC.0099 Wives’ Association records
M.ARC.0100 Women’s Foreign Missionary Society records
M.ARC.0101 Women’s Society for Christian Service records
M.ARC.0102 Centenary Committee records
M.ARC.0103 Claimants Committee records
M.ARC.0104 Methodist Book Concern
M.ARC.0105 Missionary Society/Commission on Missions
M.ARC.0106 Missions Appropriations
M.ARC.0107 Ministers’ and Wives’ Memorial
M.ARC.0108 Older Adult Ministries Records-WMC Conference Center records
M.ARC.0109 Sunday School Union records
M.ARC.0110 Michigan Methodist Educational Advance
M.ARC.0111 Michigan UM Housing Corporation records
M.ARC.0112 Eliza Koons records
M.ARC.0113 Margaret Burnham Macmillan records
M.ARC.0114 William Ray Prescott records
M.ARC.0115 D.C.Riehl records
M.ARC.0116 Rev O.E. Wightman Records
M.ARC.0117 Historical Society records
M.ARC.0118 Conference Trial Records
M.ARC.0119 Clark Memorial Home records
M.ARC.0120 Annual Conference records
M.ARC.0121 Henry Voelker Quilt papers
M.ARC.0122 Christian Crusaders records
M.ARC.0123 Ministerial Retirees records
M.ARC.0124 Artifacts, Miscellaneous
M.ARC.0125 Methodist Community Church
M.ARC.0126 Conference secretary files
M.ARC.0127 Matie B. Mckinley-Younglove papers
M.ARC.0128 Board of Christian Social Concerns records
M.ARC.0129 Oakdale Church records
M.ARC.0130 Benton Harbor Peace Temple records
M.MSS.0002 Margaret Mathews papers
M.MSS.0003 Albert W. Baker papers
M.MSS.0004 George Bignell papers
M.MSS.0005 John H. Pietzel papers
M.MSS.0006 Ora F.Bulman papers
M.MSS.0007 John Eversole papers
M.MSS.0008 Cora Kier Fulkerson papers
M.MSS.0009 William Hathaway papers
M.MSS.0010 Charles H. Kelsey papers
M.MSS.0011 Frank Kendrick papers
M.MSS.0012 Marjorie Matthews papers
M.MSS.0013 Otis Moon papers
M.MSS.0014 Ron Fassett papers
M.MSS.0015 Robert Eugene Meader papers
M.MSS.0016 P. Ross Parrish papers
M.MSS.0017 Charles E. Thies papers
M.MSS.0018 Richard D. Wearne papers
M.MSS.0019 Kenneth Lindland papers