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Marilyn Crandell Schleg Memorial Lecture

19th Annual Marilyn Crandell Schleg Memorial Lecture

Aimee Lee PortraitHanji: The Legacy and Future of Korean Papermaking
Presented by Aimee Lee, Artist, Author, Hanji Maker and Researcher
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 | 7 P.M. | Bobbitt Visual Arts Auditorium | Albion College
Reception to follow lecture

Until recently, Korean paper (known as hanji) was rarely studied, especially outside of its home country. This talk will review points along the long history of Korean papermaking, nearly two millennia long, and the culture that it shaped. The botanical perspective begins with the paper mulberry tree, which makes durable and versatile paper. An historical overview will trace paper's route from China to Korea and how it developed as Buddhism spread through East Asia, as well as its role in the USA. Images and videos, accompanied by samples of hanji and paper artwork—including paper made from plants harvested at Albion—will illuminate the technical details of this ancient but still valuable craft.


19th Annual Schleg Memorial Lecture Invitation