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Principals and Presidents of Albion College

A list of individuals who served Albion College as either Principal or President of the institution. For more detailed information about each of our former leaders, visit our digital exhibit Trimuphs and Tribulations: Stories of Albion College Presidents.

Charles F. Stockwell, Principal, 1843-1845

Clark T. Hinman, Principal, 1846-1853

Ira Mayhew, Principal, 1853-1854

Thomas H. Sinex, President, 1854-1864

George Jocelyn, President, 1864-1869 and 1871-1877

J.L.G. McKown, President 1869-1870

William B. Silber, President, 1870-1871

Lewis R. Fiske, President, 1877-1898

John P. Ashley, President, 1898-1901

Dr. Samuel Dickie, President, 1901-1921

Dr. John W. Laird, President, 1921-1924

Dr. Frederic S. Goodrich, Interim President, 1924

Dr. John L. Seaton, President, 1924-1945

Dr. William W. Whitehouse, President, 1945-1960

Dr. Louis W. Norris, President, 1960-1970

Dr. Bernard T. Lomas, President, 1970-1983

Dr. Melvin L. Vulgamore, President, 1983-1997

William C. Ferguson, Interim President, Fall 1995

Dr. Peter T. Mitchell, President, 1997-2007

Dr. Donna M. Randall, President, 2007-2013

Dr. Michael L. Frandsen, Interim President, 2013-2014

Dr. Mauri A. Ditzler, President, 2014-2020

Dr. Mathew B. Johnson, President, 2020-2021

Joseph Calvaruso, Interim President, 2022-2024

Dr. Wayne Webster, President, 2024 to present