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Albion College Commencements (1860-Present)

Terms below are listed and definied to give context to the commencement information. Not every commencement exercise includes all or any of these traditions. Listed is the information that is available and confirmed by the Albion College Archives. 

Valedictory: on and off from 1860 to 1923, Albion College had a Valedictory, a graduate gave a farewell speech at commencement. Traditionally, this speaker would have been a student with a high grade point average. 

Baccalaureate: while this term can have several meanings, on and off from 1886-1971 at Albion College, the Baccalaureate was a sermon given to the graduating class during commencement. A Baccalaureate address is quite similar to a keynote with more religious content.  

Honorary Degrees: a degree given by the College to someone who is not necessarily a student but who has done something important. In recent years, the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters is presented to the keynote speaker. 

Keynote Speakers: a guest speaker at graduation, often an alumni, Board of Trustees member, or honored professional in the state of Michigan. The keynote speaker traditionally bestows advice and words of wisdom to the graduating class. 

Flag Bearers: a tradition starting in 1993, the flag bearers at Albion College commencement ceremonies are the highest grade point earners in the graduating class

Senior Class Horn: In 1877 the twelve members of Albion College’s senior class launched the senior class horn tradition. The horn was to “remain in the possession of the class that coil best rally to its rumbling blare” (Pleiad, May 29, 1923). A large tin megaphone, is seven feet long, and was passed to the Class of 1878 with a warning never to let an underclassman handle the horn. In 1896, the senior class surrendered its rights to the horn and presented it to the Albion College Oratorical Association. For years, it was then used as a trophy for the class who had provided the winner of the prestigious class oratory contents. After the discontinuation of the contests in the mid-1950s, the horn was stored in the Albion College Archives. The horn was refurbished in 2000 and was dedicated, along with a new showcase and plaque in 2003 as the senior class gift. The class horn tradition now continues as the horn is sounded by graduating seniors prior to the student speaker’s remarks at the commencement exercises. 


Valedictory: Libbie F. Fassett, "Faith and Action"

Valedictory: Elizabeth E. Cowan, "Spirit Telegrams"

Valedictory: Madelon L. Stockwell, “Ana Kratos”

Valedictory: Emma C. Fox,”A World Without and a World Within”

Valedictory: Minnie E. Grimes, “Earth’s Treasures”

The traditional events and honors were not included during this commencement

Honorary Degrees: Maria S. Poe, Class of 1858 – A.M.

Valedictory: Charles E. Mann, “The Great Problem”

Valedictory: E. Josephine Clark

Valedictory: J. Ardene Parkinson

Valedictory: M.W. Darling
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Frank S. DeHass – D.Div., Augusta A. English, Class of 1867, M.S., E. Frances McEldowney, Class of 1867, M.S., Charles E. Mann, Class of 1867, M.S.

Valedictory: Alva W. Bradley
Honorary Degrees: E. Josephine Clark, Class of 1868, A.M., Nellie A. Fitch, Class of 1868, M.S., Sallie A. Rilison, Class of 1868, M.S., Ollie Harmon, Class of 1867, M.S., Rev. William H. Perrine, D.Div.

Valedictory: Samuel Dickie
Honorary Degrees: Lucy P. Foote, Class of 1869, A.M.

Valedictory: Charles W. Jones
Keynote: Henry C. Northrup, Class of 1870, “Perishable and Imperishable Power”
Honorary Degrees: Lucretia Allman, Class of 1869, A.M., Alice E. Bowers, Class of 1870, M.S., Rev. Thomas Carter, D.Div., Marcellus W. Darling, Class of 1870, A.M., John H. Fassett, Class of 1870, A.M.
Rev. Lewis R. Fiske , D.Div., William H. Harper, Class of 1870, A.M., Jennie E. Haven, Class of 1869, M.S., David Knox, Jr., Class of 1869, A.M., Elmer D. North, Class of 1870, M.S., Henry C. Northrup, Class of 1870, A.M., S. Livingston Tate, Class of 1869, A.M., Clara R. Woolson, Class of 1869, A.M.

Valedictory: Elizabeth C. Cooper
Keynote: Rev. A.H. Gillet, “Evolution”
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Augustus Gillett, Class of 1871, A.M., Rev. Duncan M. Ward, Class of 1871, A.M., Rev. Edward A. Whitwam, Class of 1871, A.M.

The traditional events and honors were not included during this commencement

Valedictory: John A. Creswell
Honorary Degrees: Rev. George L. Cole, Class of 1869, A.M., Rev. George N. Power, D.Div.

Valedictory: Clara B. Robertson

The traditional events and honors were not included during this commencement

Keynote: Edward B. Bancroft
Honorary Degrees: Bertha F. Aldrich, Class of 1876, A.M., William H. Allman, Class of 1876, A.M., George L. Bailey, Class of 1876, M.S., Edward B. Bancroft, Class of 1876, A.M., Samuel Dickie, Class of 1872, M.S., John M. Hall, Class of 1876, M.S., John W. Hallenbeck, Class of 1873, A.M., Edward W. Jenks, LL.D., James C. Jocelyn, Class of 1876, M.S., J. Ardene Parkinson, Class of 1869, A.M., Isaac H. Riddick, Class of 1870, A.M., Rev. James S. Waugh, D.Div.

The traditional events and honors were not included during this commencement

The traditional events and honors were not included during this commencement

Keynote: Rev. Jacob Todd (Philadelphia)

Keynote: Rev. W.S. Studley (Buffalo)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Henry M. Joy, D.Div., Rev. James S. Smart, D.Div.

Valedictory: Gertrude Allen
Keynote: Rev. J.W. King (New York City)

Valedictory: Gertrude Allen
Keynote: Bishop Cyrus D. Foss
Honorary Degrees: Rev. James Henry Potts, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Lewis R. Fiske
Keynote: Rev. D.A. Goodsell

Baccalaureate: President Lewis R. Fiske
Keynote: President Henry A. Buttz, Drew University
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Jeremiah H. Bayless, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: President Lewis R. Fiske
Keynote: Rev. George E. Reed (New Haven)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Charles T. Allen, D.Div., Rev. John Graham, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Lewis R. Fiske
Keynote: Bishop John P. Newman
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Nicholas Willoughby , D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Lewis R. Fiske
Keynote: Rev. Howard Duffield or Rev. John Rhey Thompson (NY)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Levi Master, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Lewis R. Fiske
Keynote: Rev. William V. Kelley (Brooklyn, NY)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. William Henry Shier , D.Div., Rev. Enoch Stubbs, D.Div.

Keynote: Rev. A. Coke Smith
Honorary Degrees: Rev. James Venning. D.Div.

Keynote: Bishop W.H. Ninde (Detroit)

Valedictory: Clarence E. Allen
Keynote: Bishop Charles B. Galloway
Honorary Degrees: Rev. William Wellington, D.Div., Rev. Samuel Plantz, D.Div.

Valedictory: Eugene C. Allen
Keynote: Chancellor W.F. McDowell, Denver University
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Edward Bennett Bancroft, D.Div. (See also 1879), Rev. George S. Hickey, D.Div., Rev. Richard Thomas Savin, D.Div.

Keynote: Rev. Edward Taylor (Boston)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Wilbur Israel Cogshall, Ex-1865, D.Div., Rev. Matthew C. Hawks, D.Div., Senator James McMillan, LL.D, D.Div., Rev. John Stevens – D.Div.

Honorary Degrees: Rev. Isaac E. Springer , D.Div.

Keynote: Rev. Arthur Edwards
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Louis DeLamarter , D.Div., Prof. Delos Fall, Sc.D., Rev. William H. Puffer , D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Ashley
Keynote: E. Benjamin Andrews, Chicago Superintendent of Schools
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Lambert E. Lennox, D.Div., Rev. John Sweet, D.Div.

Honorary Degrees: Samuel Dickie, LL.D. (See also 1879), Rev. Edward George Lewis, D.Div.

Keynote: Rev. William Fraser McDowell, Corresponding Secretary of the Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church (See also 1895)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Alfred E. Craig, D.Div., Rev. Benjamin F. Matrau, D.Div., Rev. John E. Robinson , D.Div., Rev. Joshua Stanfield, D.Div.

Valedictory: Frances Gibson
Baccalaureate: President Samuel Dickie
Keynote: Rev. S. Parkes Cadman
Honorary Degrees: Rev. George Elliott, LL.D.

The traditional events and honors were not included during this commencement

Keynote: Rev. Polemus H. Swift
Honorary Degrees: Rev. James E. Jacklin , D.Div., Rev. Luther E. Lovejoy, D.Div., Thomas W. Palmer, LL.D., George O. Robinson , LL.D.,
William J. Wilson, S.T.D.

Keynote: Bishop William Fraser McDowell (See also 1901)
Honorary Degrees: Washington Gardner, LL.D.

Keynote: Rev. Frank W. Gunsaulus
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Andrew J. Eldred , D.Div., Rev. James Hamilton, D.Div., Rev. Seth Reed, D.Div., Rev. Henry E. Wolfe, D.Div.

Keynote: Rev. William F. Anderson, Secretary of the Board of Education for the Methodist Episcopal Church
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Eugene Allen, D.Div., Rev. Patrick J. Maveety, D.Div.

Keynote: Bishop James W. Bashford
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Edward Arthur Elliott, D.Div., Prof. Delos Fall, LL.D. (See also 1898), Rev. William P. French, D.Div., Rev. Lewis N. Moon, S.T.D., Rev. William H.B. Urch, D.Div.

Keynote: Rev. S. Parkes Cadman (See also 1902)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Clarence E. Allen, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Samuel Dickie
Keynote: Bishop William F. Anderson (Chattanooga, TN) (See also 1907)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Charles Bronson Allen, D.Div., Rev. Rockwell Clancy, D.Div., Rev. Robert J. Floody, D.Div., Rev. James H. Potts, LL.D., Rev. Dwight H. Ramsdell, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Samuel Dickie
Keynote: Bishop William A. Quayle
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Edward A. Armstrong , D.Div., Rev. Charles W. Baldwin, D.Div., Rev. Martin Luther Fox , D.Div., Rev. Walter Healy, D.Div., Rev. A Raymond Johns, D.Div., Homer Folks, LL.D., Rev. H. Addis Leeson , D.Div., Prof. Frederick Lutz, Litt.D., Rev. A. Ames Maywood , D.Div., Rev. John Russell, D.Div.

Keynote: Dr. Frank W. Gunsaulus (See also 1906), “The Education of an American”
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Hugh Kennedy, D.Div., Bishop Frederick D. Leete, LL.D., Rev. Fred Lendrum, D.Div., Rev. Eugene Moore, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Samuel Dickie
Keynote: Bishop William Fraser McDowell (See also 1905)

Baccalaureate: President Samuel Dickie
Keynote: President George E. Vincent, American Sociological Society
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Carlos L. Adams, D.Div., Owen R. Lovejoy, LL.D., Rev. Arba Martin, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Samuel Dickie
Keynote: Bishop Theodore S. Henderson, “The Little Red House by the Side of the Road”
Honorary Degrees: Rev. William J. Balmer, D.Div., Rev. William H. Phelps, D.Div., Edgar J. Townsend, LL.D.

Keynote: Bishop Eugene R. Hendrix

Keynote: President Charles M. Stuart
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Walter Everett Burnett, D.Div., Rev. Frank Foster Fitchett, D.Div.

Keynote: Bishop Thomas Nicholson
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Edgar C. Tullar, D.Div., Rev. Cassius E. Wakefield, D.Div., Rev. Clark S. Wheeler, D.Div.

Valedictory: Freda Earl
Baccalaureate: Bishop William Fraser McDowell
Keynote: Bishop Homer Clyde Stuntz
Honorary Degrees: Ira Eugene Cutler , Sc.D., Rev. Howard A. Field, D.Div., Rev. Lewis H. Manning, D.Div., Rev. Frederick Spence, D.Div.

Keynote: Bishop Ernest Lynn Waldorf
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Wilbur W. Diehl, D.Div., Bishop H. Lester Smith, LL.D., Bishop Ernest Lynn Waldorf, LL.D.

Keynote: Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes (Chicago)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. King D. Beach, D.Div., John Wesley Laird, LL.D., Rev. Edgar J. Warren, D.Div., Rev. Robert Williams, D.Div., Rev. Frederic Faye Wolfe, D.Div.

Keynote: Dean A.L. Bouton, New York University
Honorary Degrees: Archibald Lewis Bouton, Litt.D., Edgar A. Guest, Litt.D., Bishop Theodore Simpson Henderson, LL.D., Rev. Dunning Idle, D.Div., Rev. John J. Martin, D.Div., Forrest Ray Moulton, Sc.D., Rev. Oscar Thomas Olson, D.Div., Rev. Alfred Way, D.Div.

Valedictory: Marjorie Scaddin
Keynote: Rev. Lynn Harold Hough, Central Methodist Church in Detroit
Honorary Degrees: Rev. C.E. Hoag, D.Div., Rev. Harvey G. Pearce, D.Div.

Keynote: Samuel Dickie
Honorary Degrees: Charles B. Warren, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: President John L. Seaton
Keynote: Rev. Dr. W.S. Bovard, Secretary of the Methodist Board of Education
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Russell D. Hopkins, D.Div., Clarence Cook Little, LL.D., Rev. Newell Avery McCune, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President John L. Seaton
Keynote: Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes (See also 1921)
Honorary Degrees:, B. Smith Hopkins, Sc.D., Rev. Samuel Wesley Irwin, D.Div., Merton Stacher Rice, Litt.D., Arthur Edgar Westbrook, Mus.D.

Baccalaureate: President John L. Seaton
Keynote: Bishop William Fraser McDowell (See also 1913)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Frank Kingdon, D.Div., Frank Leslie Mulholland, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: President John L. Seaton
Keynote: Bishop Francis J. McConnell
Honorary Degrees: F. Ernest Johnson, D.Div., Webster Houston Pearce, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: President John L. Seaton
Keynote: Congressman John C. Ketcham (Hastings)
Honorary Degrees: William T. Bovee, Northwestern University, Sc.D.,
Arnold H. Goss, B.A., Ernest Clark Hartwell, Buffalo Superintendent of Schools, Ed.D., John Clark Ketchum (Hastings), LL.D., John Preston MacMillan, Methodist Episcopal Board of Education for Chicago, Ed.D.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Thomas Nicholson (Detroit)
Keynote: Dr. Alexander Grant Ruthven, President of the University of Michigan
Honorary Degrees: Alexander Grant Ruthven, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Frederick Bohn Fisher, Pastor of First Methodist Episcopal Church of Ann Arbor
Keynote: Dr. Alexander Grant Ruthven, President of the University of Michigan
Honorary Degrees: D. Stanley Coors, Class of 1914, Pastor at Kalamazoo Methodist Church, D.Div., Rev. Marshall Russell Reed, Class of 1914, Pastor at Ypsilanti Methodist Church, D.Div., Edwin Roscoe Sleight, Class of 1901, Albion College Math Department, Sc.D.

Baccalaureate: President John L. Seaton
Keynote: Dr. Joseph M. McGray, Pastor Central Methodist Church of Detroit
Honorary Degrees: Frank Tracy Carlton, Applied Sciences at Case School, former professor of economics at Albion College, LL.D., Robert Elmer Horton, Class of 1897 (Albany, NY), Sc.D., Floyd Wesley Reeves, University of Chicago, Sc.D.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Edgar Blake (Detroit)
Keynote: Dr. Frederick Samuel Goodrich, Professor of English Bible at Albion College, “Pleasing Perspectives”
Honorary Degrees: Smith W. Burnham, Class of 1892 (Kalamazoo), LL.D., Rev. Burley Frank Lamb, Class of 1913 (Columbus, OH), LL.D., 
Arthur Frederick Wesley, Class of 1913 (Buenos Aires), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Hazen G. Werner, Pastor of Court Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Flint
Keynote: Homer Folks, Secretary of State Charities Aid Association of New York City, “What Have We Learned Since 1889?”
Honorary Degrees: Prof. Richard Clyde Ford, Class of 1894 (Ypsilanti), Litt.D., Rev. LeRoy Thomas Robinson, Class of 1912 (Grand Rapids), D.Div., Rev. Hazen Graff Werner, Class of 1920 (Flint), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Frederick S. Goodrich
Keynote: Dr. Merton Stacher Rice, Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church of Detroit
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Frederick Samuel Goodrich, D.Litt., Paul Turner Hickey, President of the Detroit Institute of Technology, LL.D., LeRoy Elwood Kimball, Class of 1910, New York University comptroller, LL.D., Jay Wesley Sexton, Class of 1902, Superintendent of Lansing Schools, LL.D., Bessie Bruce White, Class of 1898, social service worker, Albion College trustee (Cincinnati), L.H.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Frank McCoy Field, Class of 1909 (Port Huron)
Keynote: Eugene Bradley Elliot, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, “Two Times Two”
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Eugene Bradley Elliott, Class of 1924, Superintendent of Public Instruction, LL.D., Rev. Frank McCoy Field, Class of 1909 (Port Huron), D.Div., George Glenn Newell, Class of 1891, artist (New York), LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Edwin William Stricker, Class of 1915 (Pomona, CA)
Keynote: Honorable Prentiss Marsh Brown, Class of 1911, United States Senator from Michigan
Honorary Degrees: Prentiss Marsh Brown (St. Ignace), LL.D., Rev. Edwin William Stricker, Class of 1915 (Pomona, CA), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Sidney Davey Eva, Secretary of the Detroit Area of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Keynote: Dean Aaron John Brumbaugh, Dean of the College at the University of Chicago
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Randolph Greenfield Adams (Ann Arbor), LL.D., Dr. Aaron John Brumbaugh, LL.D., Rev. Sidney Davey Eva, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dean William Whitcomb Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. Arthur Chester Millspaugh, Class of 1908, Research Associate for the Brooking Institution (Washington, D.C.)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Frederick Bruce Johnston, Class of 1904 (Detroit), D.Div., Andre Kostelanetz (New York), Mus.D., Arthur Chester Millspaugh, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Lester A. Kilpatrick, Pastor of the First Methodist Church of Grand Rapids
Keynote: Dr. Henry Hitt Crane, Pastor of Central Methodist Church of Detroit
Honorary Degrees: Guy Chambers Filkins (Detroit), Mus.D., Rev. Lester A. Kilpatrick, Pastor at Grand Rapids Methodist Church, D.Div., Sebastian Spering Kresge (Mountainhome, PA), D.B.A., Harvey Newton Ott (Buffalo), Sc.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. John Harris Leamon, Class of 1920, Pastor of First Church in Cambridge, Congregational (MA)
Keynote: U.S. Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg
Honorary Degrees: Owen Andrew Emons, Class of 1913, Principal of Cooley High School in Detroit, Ed.D., Rev. John Harris Leamon, D.Div., Archie Elbert McCrea, Editor of The Muskegon Chronicle, LL.D., Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg, L.H.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Jacob Adolph Halmhuber, Pastor of Trinity Methodist Church in Highland Park
Keynote: G. Lynn Sumner, Class of 1907, President of the G. Lynn Sumner Advertising Company (New York)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Frank Lozerne Fitch, Class of 1910, Superintendent of Port Huron Methodist Church, D.Div., Rev. Jacob Adolph Halmhuber, D.Div., Rev. William Henry Helrigel, Class of 1923, Superintendent of Grand Traverse Methodist Church, D.Div., Miss Frances Knight, Social worker in Detroit (England), L.H.D., Rev. William Clements Perdew, Pastor of Kalamazoo Methodist Church, D.Div., G. Lynn Sumner, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. William C.S. Pellowe, Class of 1917, Superintendent of the Saginaw District of the Methodist Church
Keynote: Dr. Wei Tao-ming, Chinese Ambassador to the United States
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Wei Tao-ming, LL.D., Dr. William C.S. Pellowe, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Everett Kyes Seymour, Metropolitan Methodist Church in Detroit
Keynote: Michigan Governor Harry Francis Kelly
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Glenn McKinley Frye (Benton Harbor), D.Div., Governor Harry Francis Kelly, LL.D., Mark Edson Putnam, Class of 1910, Vice President of Dow Chemical (Midland), Sc.D., Rev. Everett Kyes Seymour (Detroit), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Arthur Frederick Wesley, Bishop of the Buenos Aires Area of the Methodist Church
Keynote: Dr. William Pearson Tolley, Chancellor of Syracuse University
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Stuart LeRoy Anderson, Class of 1933 (Long Beach, CA), D.Div., Friend Morris Conchran, Business manager, D.B.A., Rev. Wayne Harrison Fleenor, Class of 1924, D.Div., Rev. Dwight Sherer Large, Class of 1933, Kalamazoo Methodist Church, D.Div., Rev. Carl L. Martenson, Class of 1929, Saginaw minister – D.Div., Dr. John Lawrence Seaton, President of Albion College for 21 years, L.H.D., Dr. William Pearson Tolley, L.H.D., Rev. George Dempster Yinger, Class of 1929, Methodist Church pastor, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. Guy Everett Snavely, Executive Director of the American Association of Colleges (Washington, D.C.)
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Guy E. Snavely, L.H.D., Dr. William Clyde Donald, Methodist Church (Flint), D.Div., Dr. Charles Gordon Phillips, Methodist Church (Port Huron), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. John Dale Russell, Director of the Division of Higher Education of the United States Office of Education, Higher Education for Modern Needs
Honorary Degrees: State Representative Robert W. Baldwin, Alumnus (Albion), D.B.A., Rev. Harry A. Brewer (Flushing), D.Div., Rev. Spencer Bacons Owens, D.Div., Dr. John Dale Russell, LL.D., Marquis E. Shattuck, Educator (Detroit), LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Minister of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, “The Technique of Successful Living”
Honorary Degrees: Bishop Theodor Arvidson (Stockholm), D.Div., Bishop J.W. Ernst Sommer (Germany), L.H.D., Mrs. Mary Brooks Picken Sumner, Author of over 90 books, Litt.D., Bishop Raymond J. Wade, Head of MI Methodists, L.H.D., William C. Webster, Class of 1887, Teacher and educational administrator, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Bishop Marshall R. Reed (Detroit)
Honorary Degrees: F. Dudleigh Vernor, Class of 1911, Organist for Detroit Metropolitan Methodist Church and organ instructor at Albion College, Mus.D., Rev. Byron A. Hahn, Class of 1929, Methodist District Superintendent (Big Rapids), D.Div., Rev. Benjamin F. Holme, Pastor of Westlawn Methodist Church (Detroit), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Honorable Prentiss M. Brown, Class of 1911, former United States Senator from Michigan, Chairman of the Board of the Detroit Edison Company, Trustee of Albion College (See also 1937)
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Arnold F. Runkel, Pastor of First Methodist Church of Birmingham, D.Div., Floyd W. Starr, Class of 1910, Founder and head of Starr Commonwealth for Boys (Albion), LL.D., Rev. Richard D. Wearne, Class of 1914, Kalamazoo Methodist District Superintendent, D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Rev. Dr. Ralph Washington Sockman, Minister of Christ Church of New York City, What Makes America
Honorary Degrees:
Howard Cyrus Lawrence (Grand Rapids), LL.D.
William Jason Moore, Detroit organist, B.A.
Carl Maxon Saunders, Editor of The Jackson Citizen Patriot, D.Litt.
Attorney Paul Warren Voorhies (Detroit), LL.D.
Quinton Forrest Walker, Chief economist of R.H. Macy Co. (New York), D.B.A.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: President Harlan H. Hatcher (University of Michigan)
Honorary Degrees: President Harlan H. Hatcher, D.Litt., Stanley S. Kresge, Class of 1923, D.B.A., Rev. Alfred Landon, Class of 1923, District Superintendent of Saginaw Bay district of Methodist Church, D.Div., Rev. Maurice D. McKean, Class of 1924, Minister of Trinity Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, D.Div., Bishop Shot K. Mondol, Hyderabad area of South Asia Central Methodist Conference (India), LL.D., V.V. Moulton, Administrative President of Auto Owners Insurance Company and Albion College trustee (Lansing), D.B.A.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. LeRoy E. Kimball, Class of 1910, Vice Chancellor of New York University, Trustee of Albion College, “Our Albion Heritage”

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. Grove Hiram Patterson, Editor-in-Chief of The Toledo Blade, “The Uncommon Man”
Honorary Degrees: David Dodds Henry, D.Litt., Frederick Carl Vosburg, D.Div., Howard Charles Baldwin, LL.D., Clarence Beverly Hilberry, L.H.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Bishop Hazen Graff Werner, Class of 1920, Ohio Area Methodist Church, “Majoring in a Minor”
Honorary Degrees: Harriette Simpson Arnow, Author, Litt.D., Kenneth Gill Bartlett, Class of 1927, Syracuse University, LL.D., Margaret Blair Johnstone, Class of 1933, Minister and author, D.Div., James Fred McKale, Class of 1910, University of Arizona, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. David Dodds Henry, President of University of Illinois, “The Road Not Taken”
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Howard Ward Burden, Class of 1922 (Saginaw), D.Div., Rev. Richard Carvel Miles, Class of 1929, Albion-Lansing District of the Methodist Church, D.Div., Dr. Carl Vernon Weller, Class of 1908 (Ann Arbor), Sc.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. John Alfred Hannah, President of Michigan State University, “In Answer to a Letter”
Honorary Degrees: John Alfred Hannah, LL.D., Dr. Fred Arthur Russell, Class of 1908, University of Illinois, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. Claude Jerome Lapp, Class of 1917, Director of Fellowships for the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, “The Great Challenge”
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Versile Dell Bentley, Class of 1931 (Detroit), D.Div., Rev. Frederic Olen Hunt (Philadelphia, PA), D.Div., Rev. James Wallace Wright, Class of 1939 (Grand Rapids), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. Stanley Sebastian Kresge, Class of 1923 (Detroit), “Government, Business and the Church-Related College”
Honorary Degrees: N/A

Baccalaureate: Dr. W.W. Whitehouse
Keynote: Dr. David Bernard Steinman, Designing Engineer of the Mackinac Bridge, “The Faith of a Bridgebuilder” [Note: “Dr. Steinman has had to cancel all engagements for several weeks by order of his physician. We regret that he cannot be present at the Commencement exercises today.”]
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Paul Franklin Albery, Trinity Methodist Church of Grand Rapids, D.Div., Dr. John Harper Dawson, President of Adrian College, D.Div., Walter Clark Dean, President of United Steel Products Co. (Albion), D.B.A., Prof. Earl Anderson Slocum, University of North Carolina, Mus.D., Paul Robert Trautman, Business manager of Albion College, D.B.A., Dr. William Whitcomb Whitehouse, President of Albion College, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee, Eminent historian, “Religion in Public Life”
Keynote: Heman Leslie Hoffman, Class of 1928, Electronics Industrialist (Los Angeles), “Project Adventure”
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Judson William Foust, Central Michigan University, LL.D., Rev. Robert Hubert Jongeward (Jackson), D.Div., Heman Leslie Hoffman, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Louis W. Norris, “What Have You Heard?”
Keynote: George Wilcken Romney (Detroit), “Aim High”
Honorary Degrees: Karl Walter Haas, WJR commentator, Mus.D., Rev. John William Parrish (Ferndale), D.Div., George Wilcken Romney, Governor of Michigan, LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Henry Hitt Crane, Minister Emeritus at Detroit Central Methodist Church, “Voyagers”
Keynote: Dr. William Ira Cargo, Deputy U.S. Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria
Honorary Degrees:, Henry Daniels Brown, Detroit Museum Curator, LL.D., Dr. William Ira Cargo, LL.D., Charles Evan Feinberg, Litt.D., Willa Beatrice Player (Greensboro, NC), LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Marshall R. Reed, “Look up, Lift up, Go Ahead!”
Keynote: Amory Houghton, Jr., Chairman of the Board for Corning Glass
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Keith T. Avery (Grand Rapids), D.Div., Rev., Herbert C. Brubaker (Saginaw), D.Div., Alden Ball Dow (Midland), Doc.F.A., Armory Houghton, Jr., D.B.A., Dr. Leonard P. Schultz (Washington, D.C.), Sc.D.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Francis Gerald Ensley, Resident Bishop of the Ohio West Area of the Methodist Church, “One Mark of an Educated Person”
Keynote: Dr. Alvin C. Eurich (Colorado)
Honorary Degrees: Vernon de Tar (New York), Mus.D., Dr. Alvin C. Eurich (Colorado), Litt.D., Congressman Gerald R. Ford (Grand Rapids), LL.D., Miss Elizabeth C. Hilborn, U.S. Health Service, L.H.D., Rev. Bernard T. Lomas (Cleveland), D.Div., Rev. W. Leslie Williams (Flint), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Hazen G. Werner, Bishop of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Area of the Methodist Church, “Coming Off the Bridge”
Keynote: Dr. Brand Blandshard, Professor Emeritus of Yale University
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Brand Blanshard, Yale University, D.Litt., Rev. Donald H. Benedict (Chicago), D.Div., Miss E. Genevieve Gillette (Ann Arbor), L.H.D., Rev. Herbert F. Hausser (Detroit), D.Div., Harold R. Spiegel, Executive Secretary of Arabian American Oil Co., D.B.A., Jack Hood Vaughn, Director of U.S. Peace Corps., LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Dr. Orville H. McKay, President of Garrett Theological Seminary, “What is Vital”
Keynote: Republican Congressman Gerald R. Ford (Grand Rapids)
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Wallace A. Bacon, Northwestern University professor, Litt.D., Collins L. Carter, President Albion Malleable Iron, D.B.A., Dr. Myrtle Rose Reul, Associate Professor of Social Work at Michigan State University, L.H.D., Rev. Clement B. Yinger (Rochester, NY), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Bishop Dwight Ellsworth Loder, Bishop of the Michigan Area Methodist Church, “The Foolishness of Twentieth Century Wisdom”
Keynote: Dr. John Kenneth Galbraith
Honorary Degrees: Rev. James W. Bristah (Detroit), D.Div., Max M. Fisher (Detroit), D.B.A., John Kenneth Galbraith (Harvard University), D.Litt., Henry J. Gomberg (Puerto Rico), Sc.D., Bishop Dwight E. Loder, D.Div., Marvin E. Perkins, M.D. (New York City), L.H.D., James R. Sebastian (Grand Rapids), LL.D.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Nels F.S. Ferré, Ferris Professor of Philosophy at the College of Wooster, “Educated for a New Age”
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Max Lerner (Minsk, Russia), L.H.D., William A. Brown, Jr. (Chicago), LL.D., Dr. Robert Hargreaves, Ball State University, Mus.D., Dr. Paul W. McCrackin (Minneapolis, MN), LL.D., Jean Paul Slusser, University of Michigan, D.F.A., Rev. Merele D. Broyles (Detroit), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: Rev. Gerald Otho McCulloh, Director of Ministerial Training for the United Methodist Church, “Structure, Truth and Freedom”
Honorary Degrees: Miss Audrey Kenyon Wilder (Albion), LL.D., U.S. Senator Robert P. Griffin (Michigan), LL.D., Bill Mauldin, cartoonist, Litt.D., Dr. David C. McClelland (Cambridge, MA), D.Litt., Rev. Carlos C. Page (Grand Rapids), D.Div.

Baccalaureate: President Bernard T. Lomas, “Itch for the Instantaneous”
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Donald B. Strobe (Grand Rapids), D.Div., Phillip C. Curtis, artist, D.F.A., Dr. Robben Fleming, LL.D.

Honorary Degrees: Norman Cousins, D.Litt., Dr. Carl Gerstacker, Sc.D., Dr. Robert Fleming (Nepal and India), L.H.D., Dr. Bethel Fleming (Nepal and India), L.H.D.

Keynote: Margaret Chase Smith, Former U.S. Senator, State of Maine
Honorary Degrees: Dr. John Wilson Porter, Doctor of Public Administration, Dr. John W. Mulder, Doctor of Divinity, Dr. N. Robert Kesler, Doctor of Divinity, Dr. Margaret Chase Smith, Doctor of Humane Letters

Keynote: Phillip R. Shriver, President, Miami University
Honorary Degrees: John L. Francis, Doctor of Divinity, Michael Whorf, Doctor of Fine Arts, Phillip R. Shriver, Doctor of Public Service

Keynote: Paul W. McCracken, Edmund Ezra Day University Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan
Honorary Degrees: Kenneth Callis, Doctor of Divinity, Richard A. Schlegel, Doctor of Laws, Kenneth George Wilson, Doctor of Humane Letters
President's Distinguished Service Award: Paul W. McCracken

Keynote: Russell G. Mawby, President W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Honorary Degrees: George O. Hartmann, Doctor of Divinity, Russell G. Mawby, Doctor of Public Service

Keynote:Herbert H. Dow, Executive Department Dow Chemical Co.
Honorary Degrees: Herbert H. Dow, Doctor of Public Service, Alden B. Burns, Doctor of Divinity, David L. Strickler, Doctor of Music

Keynote: Honorable William G. Miliken, Governor The State of Michigan
Honorary Degrees: William G. Miliken, Doctor of Public Service, Zoltan Merszei, Doctor of Science

Keynote: Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. President University of Notre Dame
Honorary Degrees: Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Doctor of Humane Letters

Keynote: William J. Baroody, Sr., Consellor, American Enterprise Institute
Honorary Degrees: William J. Baroody, Sr., Doctor of Public Service

Keynote: Honorable Mark O. Hatfield United States Senator The State of Oregon
Honorary Degrees: Mark O. Hatfield, Doctor of Laws

Keynote: Roger B. Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer General Motors Corporation
Honorary Degrees: Roger B. Smith, Doctor of Laws

Keynote: Carl A. Gerstacker, Chairman, Albion College Board of Trustees
Honorary Degrees: Donald S. Stanton, Doctor of Letters

Keynote: Richard M. Smith, '68, Editor-in-Chief Newsweek
Honorary Degrees: Julian S. Rammelkamp, Doctor of Humanities

Information unavailable at this time

Keynote: Alfred H. Taylor, Jr, President, The Kresge Foundation
Honorary Degrees: Alfred H. Taylor, Jr., Doctor of Laws, William W. Diehl, Doctor of Public Service

Keynote: Honorable George H.W. Bush, Vice President of the United States
Honorary Degrees: George H.W. Bush, Doctor of Laws

Keynote: Dr. Frank Newman, President Education Commission of the States
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Andrew G. Sharf, Class of 1944, Doctor of Medical Science, Dr. Frank Newman, Doctor of Public Service

Keynote: Dr. Sherry H. Penney, Chancellor University of Massachusetts at Boston
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Sherry H. Penney, Doctor of Laws, Dr. John S. Ludington, Doctor of Economics

Keynote: Dr. Ezra F. Vogel, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs Harvard University
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Ezra F. Vogel, Doctor of Humane Letters, Stanley Jones, Doctor of Laws

Keynote: Elizabeth Dole, President, America Red Cross
Honorary Degrees: Elizabeth Dole, Doctor of Public Service, William E. LaMothe, Doctor of Commercial Science

Keynote: John Naisbitt, Author, Megatrends
Honorary Degrees: John Naisbitt, Doctor of Public Service, Dr. James L. Curtis, M.D., Doctor of Science

Keynote: Richard M. Smith, Class of 1968, Editor-in-Chief and President of Newsweek
Honorary Degrees: Richard M. Smith, Class of 1968, Doctor of Laws, Dr. Oswald P. Bronson, Sr., Doctor of Laws
Flag bearers: Shari L. Solomon, Elizabeth D. Campbell

Keynote: Dr. Johnetta B. Cole, President of Spelman College
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Johnetta B. Cole, Doctor of Laws
Flag bearers: Matthew C. Altman, Lisa M. Evans

Keynote: Dr. Cedric W. Dempsey, Class of 1954, NCAA Executive Director; Daniel Boggan, Jr., Class of 1967, NCAA Group Executive Director for Education Services
Honorary Degrees: Dr. Cedric W. Dempsey, Doctor of Laws, Daniel Boggan, Jr., Doctor of Public Service
Flag bearers: Gregg T. Colburn, Lynette M. Geno, Jafar S. Hasan, Di M. Tran

Keynote: William C. Ferguson, Class of 1952, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Honorary Degrees: Alan W. Ott, Doctor of Business, William C. Ferguson, Doctor of Laws
Flag bearers: Merrill C. Hodnefield, Max I. Kort, Kelly A. Painter, Dan R. Travis

Keynote: Roger L. Landrum, Class of 1959, Co-Founder of Youth Service America
Honorary Degrees: Chris T. Christ, Class of 1951, Doctor of Laws, Roger L. Landrum, Class of 1959, Doctor of Public Service, Donald A. Ott, Doctor of Sacred Theology, Leonard F. Shurmur, Class of 1959
Flag bearers: Brook L. McClintic, Carrie L. Wagner, Christopher S. Carpenters

Keynote: Nancy Y. Bekavac, President of Scripps College
Honorary Degrees: Jeff Daniels, Doctor of Theatre, Nancy Y. Bekavac, Doctor of Education, Leonard F. Shurmur, Class of 1959
Flag bearers: Joseph V. Ales, Roman C. Bloch, Laura E. Johnson

Keynote: Marilou Awiakta, Cherokee Poet & Author
Honorary Degrees: Marilou Awiakta, Doctor of Humane Letters, Prentiss M. Brown Class of 1948, Doctor of Laws
Flag bearers: Renee S. Mijal, Arthur E. Bragg, Rebecca A. Swisher

Keynote: Philip J. Lader, U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain
Honorary Degrees: Philip J. Lader, Doctor of Public Policy, Michael S. David, Jr Class of 1964, Doctor of Theater
Flag bearers: Kaitlyn J. Kelly, Eleonora G. Maries

Keynote: Dr. Cedric W. Dempsey, Class of 1954, President of National Collegiate Athletic Association
Flag bearers: Zachary C. Kleinsasser, Andrea M. Smith, Stephanie A. Moore

Keynote: Edmund L. Jenkins, Chairman, Financial Accounting Standards Board
Honorary Degrees: Edmund L. Jenkins, Doctor of Humane Letters, Margaret A. Riecker, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Emily A. Arend, Kurt A. Medland, Katie M. McCabe

Keynote: Devin G. Scillian, News Anchor, WDIV-TV Detroit, MI
Honorary Degrees: James A. Klungness, Doctor of Humane Letters, Devin G. Scillian, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Nicole A. Clouthier, Laura M. Siebert
Senior horn: Jackson R. Lanphear, assisted by Antonio G. Mastromonaco

Keynote: Dr. Mary Sue Coleman, President, The University of Michigan
Honorary degrees: Dr. Mary Sue Coleman, Doctor of Humane Letters, Robert M. Teeter Class of 1961, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Ilma Agolli, Anjali S. Arora, Michelle A. Steber
Senior horn: Kyle E. Koehs, assisted by Annie M. Lerew

Keynote: Alexander M. Cutler
Honorary degrees: Alexander M. Cutler, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Teresa M. Choate, Crystal J. DuBois, Jennifer M. Paine
Senior horn: Matthew J. Walters, assisted by Beth A. Dodson and Calvin J. Fisher

Keynote: Steve Borgira
Honorary degrees: Nancy J. Held, Doctor of Humane Letters, Steve Borgira, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Jayne E. Ptolemy, Daniel Coupland
Senior horn: Emillia J. Mozdzen, assisted by David W. Melotti

Keynote: Dr. Fareed Zakaria
Honorary degrees: Dr. Peter T. Mitchell, Doctor of Humane Letters, Dr. Fareed Zakaria, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: David S. Goodyear, Neil R. Forster, Kelly M. Parsell
Senior horn: Andrew N. Dill, assisted by Jeffrey M. Nickels

Keynote: Lloyd H. Carr, Head Football Coach, University of Michigan
Honorary degrees: Lloyd H. Carr, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: John K. Adams, Shaun M. Bonnell, Cynthia D. Cardwell, Andrew V. Kersch
Senior horn: Claire M. Furness, assisted by Matthew E. Shilling

Keynote: Maria Orlowski (Miriam Winter), theatre professor and performer; David A. Brandon, Chairman and CEO of Domino's Pizza Inc
Honorary degrees: Maria Orlowski (Miriam Winter), Doctor of Humane Letters, David A. Brandon, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Gregory J. Bever, Stacy L. Capehart, Dustin R. Sayers
Senior horn: Timothy M. Rambo, assisted by Spencer Channell

Keynote: W. Douglas Parker, Jr., Chairman and CEO of US Airways Group
Flag bearers: Richard F. Frenchi, Mark A. Kluk, Christine M. Lewis
Senior horn: Chelsea V. Gray, assisted by Nicole M. Depowski

Keynote: Richard M. Smith, President of the Pinkerton Foundation
Flag bearers: Erica M. Ahlich, Elizabeth S. Dunlap, Rachel E. Kamischke
Senior horn: Kelly A. Stetser, assisted by Sumedha Makker

Keynote: Richard D. Snyder, Governor of Michigan
Honorary degrees:  Richard D. Snyder, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Fan Chen, Nicholoas W. Herrman, Christopher R. Omerza
Senior horn: Jordan W. Raiford, assisted by Samantha E. Salhaney

Keynote: Joel K. Manby Class of 1981, President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation
Honorary degrees: Joel K. Manby Class of 1981, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Alice E. Coyne, Courtney K. Pickworth, William J. Sturdavant
Senior horn: Maxwell L. Henkel, assisted by Erin Sovansky

Keynote: Fedele Bauccio, CEO of Bon Appetit Management Company
Honorary degrees: Anna Howard Shaw (conffered posthumously)
Flag bearers: Amy E. Bell, Salaina C. Catalano, Heather A. Waldron
Senior horn: Brandon Douglas, assisted by Paul L. Lewis

Keynote: Rev. Faith E. Fowler, Class of 1981, Senior Pastor at Cass Community United Methodist Church, Excecutive Director at Cass Community Social Services
Honorary degrees: Harry J. Bonner Sr., Doctor of Humane Letters, Rev. Faith E. Fowler, Class of 1981
Flag bearers: Patrick D. Buck, Patrick J. Lopez, Katherine M. Sexton
Senior horn: Kyle A. Albrecht, assisted by Sean P. Turkington

Keynote: Robert H. Bartlett, Class of 1960, Professor Emeritus of Surgery at the University of Michigan Health System
Honorary degrees: Robert H. Barlett, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Sarah L. McDaniel, Brandon N. Moretti, Mary C. Vecellio
Senior horn: Travell L. Oakes, assisted by Kailyn B. Hieftje-Conley

Keynote: Dr. Linda L. Yonke, Class of 1975 Superintendent of New Trier Township High School District 203 in Northfield, IL; Michael Milkie, CEO and Superintendent of the Noble Network of Charter Schools; Jess Womack '65, Inspector General (retired) Los Angeles Unified School District
Honorary degrees: Jess Womack, Doctor of Humane Letters, Dr. Linda L. Yonke, Doctor of Humane Letters, Michael Milkie, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Kristal D. Georgopoulos, Jessica Cortez Merrild, Danielle E. Nelson, Grace A. Talaski
Senior horn: Vincent M. Plaskey, assisted by Elizabeth G. Witkowski

Keynote: Dr. Samuel J. Shaneen, M.D., '88
Honorary degrees: Samuel J. Shaheen, Doctor of Humane Letters, Leslie Keller Dick and Wesley Arden Dick, Doctor of Humane Letter, Karen Knudson Dobbins and William H. Dobbins, both Class of 1974, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Andrew O. Alltop, Rachel C. Barry, Madison K. Kase
Senior horn: Andrew S. Malecki, assisted by Sadie R. Burghdoff

Keynote: Barbara A Weiskittel Class of 1983, Craig S. Rundle, Class of 1974; Dr. Andrew Christopher
Honorary degrees: Barbara A. Weiskittel, Doctor of Humane Letters
Flag bearers: Mackie L. Black, Margaret J. Fowler, Philip E. Manning, Agata Alina Riccardi, Matther D.C. Stander
Senior horn: Nicholars M. Taylor, assisted by Jacob S. Rushak

**This commencement ceremony was held in May of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Senior horn: Jontaj Wallace, II, assisted by Ikpemesi Ogundare

Flag bearers: Austin Begley, Bailee McGraw, San Pham
Senior horn: Evan Ziegelman, assisted by Charlotte Groleau

Keynote: Dr. Jim Wilson
Honorary degrees: Dr. Jim Wilson
Flag bearers: Alivia D. Benedict, Anna L. Crysler, Phuong Anh Dinh, Emily Gerlach, Celia G. Hilden, Ayoub J. Huwais, Tanya Jagdish
Senior horn: Noah T. Keck assisted by Elizabeth L. Stout

Keynote: Josh A. Cassada, Class of 1995
Honorary degrees: Josh A. Cassada
Flag bearers: Margaret K. Cash, Kaitlyn A. Darling, Gabriella M. Monacelli, Elena L. Mourad, Lucy L. Nevrly, Laila L. Ortega Velasco, Chase M. Potter, Kyle A. Schaaf, Andrew R. Sowa
Senior horn: Robert C. Cornwell assisted by Angel N. Arguijo

Keynote: Dr. Mauri Ditzler, 16th President of Albion College
Honorary degrees: Dr. Mauri Ditzler
Flag bearers: Emily Abramczyk, Andrew Cameron, Avery Campbell, Alyvia Fondren, Mackenzie Gillette, Rana Huwais, Sheridan Leinbach, Quinn Natschke, Leslie Rivas, James Storey
Senior horn: Mackenzie Rundell assisted by Eddie Cardrew