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Marilyn Crandell Schleg Memorial Lecture

24th Annual Marilyn Crandell Schleg Memorial Lecture 

Finding Community Through the Practice of Oral HistoryEMU Aerie

Presented by Alexis Braun Marks, Matt Jones and Akaiia Ridley, '22

The practice of Oral History has the ability to create community for those who feel that their stories have been excluded from traditional archival spaces, but also a community of practice. Three individuals will speak to the evolving oral history program on the campus of Eastern Michigan University (EMU). Alexis Braun Marks, Eastern Michigan University Archivist will start the lecture with how the program was established, how it is helping to create a community of practice with other faculty and how it is evolving collecting initiatives for the University Archives. Matt Jones, University Archives Lecturer and Oral History Program Coordinator will speak about his role in creating the mobile oral history booth (The Aiere) developing the overall program, involving graduate students, and connecting to different community partners. Finally, Akaiia Ridley, current University Archives Graduate Assistant, Albion Alumna and creator of The Beginning of Belonging: Exploring the Black History of Albion College the common reading experience for 2023-24 academic year, will share her experience of being asked to lead and create the Beginning of Belonging project, coming to EMU for graduate school and working directly with the Oral History program both as a classroom student and graduate student employee.