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College Records and Manuscript Collections

The following list is of physical collections only. If you are looking for a specific book in the Rare Book Collection, please check the library catalog.

If you have any questions, please contact the archivist for assistance.

College Records

C.ARC.0001 Albion College Endowment Fund Committee records
C.ARC.0002 Department of Religion records: Selected Topics in              Religion: Introduction to South Africa
C.ARC.0003 Music Department records
C.ARC.0004 Communications Office records
C.ARC.0005 Lecture/Concert Series records
C.ARC.0006 Albion College Publications records
C.ARC.0007 Student Union Board records
C.ARC.0008 Faculty and Staff photographs
C.ARC.0009 Betty Beese Swimming and Diving Records
C.ARC.0010 Provost Office records
C.ARC.0011 Rollin M. Gerstacker International House records
C.ARC.0012 Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Professional Management records
C.ARC.0013 Albion College Posters collection
C.ARC.0014 Morley Fraser film collection
C.ARC.0015 Albion College diplomas collection
C.ARC.0016 College Alumni files
C.ARC.0017 Academic Affairs records
C.ARC.0018 Albion College Library records
C.ARC.0019 Student Health Services records
C.ARC.0020 Physical Education Department records
C.ARC.0021 College Board Validity Study records
C.ARC.0022 Mortar Board records
C.ARC.0023 Faculty Women’s League records
C.ARC.0024 Faculty Meeting Minutes
C.ARC.0025 President’s Office records
C.ARC.0026 Faculty Assessment Committee records
C.ARC.0027 Educational Policy Committee records
C.ARC.0028 Alumni Affairs Office records
C.ARC.0029 Faculty Budget Salaries & Benefits Committee records
C.ARC.0030 History Department records
C.ARC.0031 Faculty Curriculum and Resources Committee records
C.ARC.0032 The Annalist
C.ARC.0033 Faculty Development Committee records
C.ARC.0034 Albion College Artifacts collection
C.ARC.0035 Faculty Personnel Committee records
C.ARC.0036 Faculty Steering Committee records
C.ARC.0037 Albionian records
C.ARC.0038 Panoramic photographs
C.ARC.0039 Mathematics Department records
C.ARC.0040 Audiovisual collection
C.ARC.0041 Institutional Advancement records
C.ARC.0042 Anthropology/Sociology Department records
C.ARC.0043 Albion College Pleiad records
C.ARC.0044 Business Office records
C.ARC.0045 Financial Aid Office records
C.ARC.0046 Facilities records
C.ARC.0047 Alumni Association records
C.ARC.0048 Physics Department records
C.ARC.0049 Office of Greek Life records
C.ARC.0050 Registrar Office records
C.ARC.0051 Center for Interdisciplinary Study for Contemporary Expression in the Arts records
C.ARC.0052 Sports Information Office records
C.ARC.0053 Choir records
C.ARC.0054 Albion News
C.ARC.0055 English Department records
C.ARC.0056 Biology Department records
C.ARC.0057 Chemistry Department records
C.ARC.0058 Student Affairs records
C.ARC.0059 Board of Trustees records
C.ARC.0060 Intercultural Affairs Office records
C.ARC.0061 College History file
C.ARC.0062 College photograph file
C.ARC.0063 Alumni photograph file
C.ARC.0064 Bay View Summer College Registrar records
C.ARC.0065 Geology Department records
C.ARC.0066 Collection of Wesleyan Seminary material
C.ARC.0067 Chaplain's Office records
C.ARC.0068 Financial Ledgers
C.ARC.0069 College large oversize photographs
C.ARC.0070 College mid-size photographs
C.ARC.0071 Albion Civil Rights Project records
C.ARC.0072 Ventures in Meaning Week records
C.ARC.0073 Natural and Physical Science Section records
C.ARC.0074 Student Senate record book
C.ARC.0075 Archives and Special Collections records
C.ARC.0076 College boxed oversize photographs
C.ARC.0077 Campus Programs and Organizations records
C.ARC.0078 Information Technology records
C.ARC.0079 Wesleyan Seminary and Albion College land deeds
C.ARC.0080 Postcard collection
C.ARC.0081 Faculty Affairs Committee meeting minutes
C.ARC.0082 Albion College color slides
C.ARC.0083 American Association of University Professors Albion Chapter meeting minutes
C.ARC.0084 Collection of Albion College glass lantern slides
C.ARC.0085 Collection of Albion College glass plate negatives
C.ARC.0086 Collection of Albion College historic negatives               

Manuscript Collections

C.MSS.0001 Kresge Family correspondence
C.MSS.0002 Thomas M. Carter papers
C.MSS.0003 Dean Family papers
C.MSS.0004 Anna Howard Shaw collection
C.MSS.0005 Russell Babcock papers
C.MSS.0006 Florence Swisher papers
C.MSS.0007 Robert H. Gildart papers
C.MSS.0008 Samuel Dickie papers
C.MSS.0009 Alison Thomas collection
C.MSS.0010 Marvin J. Vann papers
C.MSS.0011 President William Whitcomb Whitehouse papers
C.MSS.0012 J Harlen Bretz papers
C.MSS.0013 Yinger Family papers
C.MSS.0014 Stockwell Family papers
C.MSS.0015 Perrine Family papers
C.MSS.0016 Glenn Perusek: Detroit Labor Project papers
C.MSS.0017 Mrs. Hollingstead papers
C.MSS.0018 Allen G. Whitney papers
C.MSS.0019 Bernice Bennett papers
C.MSS.0020 Thomas Starr papers
C.MSS.0021 William D. Farley papers
C.MSS.0022 John G. Hill papers
C.MSS.0023 Julian Rammelkamp papers
C.MSS.0024 William P. Longstreet manuscripts and artifacts
C.MSS.0025 Henry Martin Battenhouse papers
C.MSS.0026 Edwin Roscoe Sleight World War II correspondence
C.MSS.0027 Richard E. Vernor papers
C.MSS.0028 Leonella Wilcox Jameson Blanke papers
C.MSS.0029 John Wenzel papers
C.MSS.0030 Honors Thesis Research – Anne Polmanter papers
C.MSS.0031 Courtney, Schaffer “Home Alive in ’45” alumni surveys
C.MSS.0032 Eclectic and Atheniades collection
C.MSS.0033 Robert Teeter papers
C.MSS.0034 Madeline Adie papers
C.MSS.0035 Eugene Steele papers
C.MSS.0036 Scrapbook collection
C.MSS.0037 Robert G. Kingsley papers
C.MSS.0038 Billie Betty Darkwood papers
C.MSS.0039 Lorraine Bennett papers
C.MSS.0040 Margaret Drake Elliot papers
C.MSS.0041 Wallace Bacon theater scripts
C.MSS.0042 Anthony Taffs papers
C.MSS.0043 Austin Studio photographs
C.MSS.0044 Hugh Sebastian papers
C.MSS.0045 Theodore D. Vosberg papers
C.MSS.0046 Susan Hayes Affholter papers
C.MSS.0047 Jim and Tammy Royle collection
C.MSS.0048 Keith J. Fennimore papers
C.MSS.0049 Charles Fallass papers
C.MSS.0050 Joe Britton photographs
C.MSS.0051 Dean Hall 80th Anniversary photographs
C.MSS.0052 Ryan Sweet flag and papers
C.MSS.0053 Roy and Mae Harrison Karro papers
C.MSS.0054 Parker Smith Family papers
C.MSS.0055 Irene McCall Baldwin photographs
C.MSS.0056 Mary Lemke Milbrath slides
C.MSS.0057 Suzanne Ternan slides
C.MSS.0058 Edwin and Fern (Edwards) Dyer photographs
C.MSS.0059 Coy James papers
C.MSS.0060 James Wyatt Cook papers
C.MSS.0061 Ben Chynoweth photographs
C.MSS.0062 Robert Bartlett Charlie Brown Orchestra papers
C.MSS.0063 Omer Bartow papers
C.MSS.0064 Robert Kiesling papers
C.MSS.0065 Vernon L. Bobbitt papers
C.MSS.0066 Robert E. Horton papers
C.MSS.0067 Lester S. Harger papers
C.MSS.0068 Helen Manning papers
C.MSS.0069 Delos Fall papers
C.MSS.0070 James Welton Project collection
C.MSS.0071 Dean Hall Female Student Survey collection
C.MSS.0072 John Hart papers
C.MSS.0073 Albion College Songs and Yells collection
C.MSS.0074 David Knox negative collection
C.MSS.0075 Sorosis Collection
C.MSS.0076 Wesley Dick: Newspaper Project (1960s)
C.MSS.0077 Arthur Merton Chickering papers
C.MSS.0078 George Race papers
C.MSS.0079 Jacqueline Maag papers
C.MSS.0080 Justin and Mary Glathart papers
C.MSS.0081 James Diedrick papers
C.MSS.0082 William James Gilbert papers
C.MSS.0083 Bernard T. Lomas papers
C.MSS.0084 Marlene Kondelik papers
C.MSS.0085 Lewis Ransom Fiske sermons and papers
C.MSS.0086 Sigma Chi collection
C.MSS.0087 Omicron Delta Kappa papers
C.MSS.0088 Delta Gamma collection
C.MSS.0089 Sigma Nu collection
C.MSS.0090 Kappa Pi collection
C.MSS.0091 Alpha Tau Omega collection
C.MSS.0092 Delta Tau Delta collection
C.MSS.0093 Zeta Epsilon Lambda collection
C.MSS.0094 Erosophian Society collection
C.MSS.0095 Missionary Society collection
C.MSS.0096 Clever Fellows Society collection
C.MSS.0097 Philozetian Society collection
C.MSS.0098 Melvin Vulgamore papers
C.MSS.0099 Bruce Borthwick papers
C.MSS.0100 David Hogberg papers
C.MSS.0101 John Moore’s Social Anthropology Class records
C.MSS.0102 Louis W. Norris papers
C.MSS.0103 Missy Wyss papers
C.MSS.0104 David Strickler music scores
C.MSS.0105 Char Duff papers
C.MSS.0106 Phi Beta Kappa papers
C.MSS.0107 Goodrich Torah Scrolls
C.MSS.0108 Phi Mu photographs and ephemera collection
C.MSS.0109 Alpha Chi Omega collection
C.MSS.0110 Delta Sigma Phi papers
C.MSS.0111 Jack Padgett papers
C.MSS.0112 Clifton Ellinger papers
C.MSS.0113 Marcellus Darling and Clara Woolsen Darling papers
C.MSS.0114 Marlene Plassman Alumni Survey collection
C.MSS.0115 Biology Club records
C.MSS.0116 Men's and Women's Varsity Debate speeches
C.MSS.0117 Albion Chapter of United World Federalists "Albion Federalist" collection
C.MSS.0118 Howard H. Bridgeman photographs and scrapbook covers
C.MSS.0119 John Cheek papers
C.MSS.0120 Geraldine Caldwell collection of Albion College ephemera
C.MSS.0121 George L. Mount papers
C.MSS.0122 Tau Kappa Epsilon surveys
C.MSS.0123 Newton Foster letter to N. Jared Black Esq.
C.MSS.0124 Kappa Kappa Psi collection
C.MSS.0125 Albert Zatkoff collection of Albion College postcards and ephemera
C.MSS.0126 Crazy Mary music scores and compact disc recording
C.MSS.0127 Janet Shaw slides
C.MSS.0128 Albion College student papers collection
C.MSS.0129 Y.M.C.A. record book
C.MSS.0130 Research Class of 1886-87 Investigations Regarding Uses of Alcohol Essays
C.MSS.0131 Sub-Collegiate Literary Society and Philomathian Society collection
C.MSS.0132 Oratorical Committee record book
C.MSS.0133 Glee Club record book
C.MSS.0134 Parthenon Society introductory address and record book
C.MSS.0135 Biblical Society record book
C.MSS.0136 Ralph Peterson psychology notebook
C.MSS.0137 Morley Fraser papers
C.MSS.0138 Class of 1887 record book
C.MSS.0139 Class of 1898 record book
C.MSS.0140 Brattin-Wirt papers
C.MSS.0141 Midori Yoshii papers
C.MSS.0142 Sigma Alpha Iota collection
C.MSS.0143 Eugene Miller papers
C.MSS.0144 Myron A. Levine papers
C.MSS.0145 Marie Baxter article
C.MSS.0146 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia collection
C.MSS.0147 Tim Newsted collection of autographed Albion College Athletic Hall of Fame cards
C.MSS.0148 Charles M. Hazzard "The Elopement" poem
C.MSS.0149 William Henry Perkins, Jr. papers
C.MSS.0150 Donna Randall papers
C.MSS.0151 Kappa Delta collection
C.MSS.0152 Ira E. Cutler photographs and honorary diploma
C.MSS.0153 Ethel Emerson collection of Albion College miniature photographs
C.MSS.0154 Vera Tomlinson Snider collection of photographs
C.MSS.0155 Elkin Isaac collection
C.MSS.0156 Mortar Board collection
C.MSS.0158 Patricia Sanford-Brown collection
C.MSS.0159 Geoffrey Cocks papers
C.MSS.0160 Keith and Jeanette (Campbell) Tobin collection
C.MSS.0161 National and regional protest marches collection
C.MSS.0162 Whitehouse family papers
C.MSS.0163 Nicolle Zellner collection
C.MSS.0164 Walt Swyers collection
C.MSS.0165 Hal Wyss papers
C.MSS.0166 Activism and social justice collection
C.MSS.0167 John Sebastian photograph collection

Rare Manuscript Collections

If you are looking for a specific book in the Rare Book Collection, please check the library catalog.

Listed below are collections held in the Rare Manuscripts Collection.

R.MSS.0001 Darktown Comics Lithograph collection
R.MSS.0002 Feinberg Collection of Walt Whitman photographs and prints
R.MSS.0003 Maynard C. Bowers Collection of Scientific Letters
R.MSS.0004 Barbara Holmquest Gotz papers
R.MSS.0005 James Goggin files on German Emigrant Psychoanalysts in the USA (photocopies) and annotations by James Goggin
R.MSS.0006 Teaching Histories of Race & Gender Print collection
R.MSS.0007 Art collection